Terrifying Hot Sauce Prank Sends 3 Unsuspecting Victims to Hospital

hot sauceSometimes eating spicy food can feel like you're eating the sun. One minute you're enjoying your Mexican, the next, you're running around the restaurant waving your hands above your head, tongue out, motioning for water and/or a bullet to put you out of your misery. Unfortunately, some cafeteria workers at a Chicago area high school know all too well what I'm talking about. After a prankster student replaced bottles of marinara sauce with bottles of Da' Bomb hot sauce, three employees had to go to the hospital after they inhaled the epically spicy fumes.


Police report that a student with a twisted sense of humor swapped spaghetti sauce for hot sauce -- when a student took a bite of his pasta and discovered the intense heat, he alerted the staff, who upon investigating, got large whiffs of the Da' Bomb sauce, which likely caused a tear-gas effect, sending them to the hospital.

Authorities don't know which type of Da' Bomb hot sauce was used in the prank, but here's the description the sauce website lists for its Final Answer variety:

This little bottle contains the hottest sauce the Da’ Bomb line -- by far! It’s nuclear. It’s radioactive. It lays waste to all who dare set it off. Rated at 1,500,000 Scoville Units, it is not for direct consumption! Use as a food additive only -- and no more than a tiny drop at a time. Warning: Do NOT eat this sauce straight out of the jar! You will die.

Um, delicious?

Understandably, the alleged prankster faces five counts of misdemeanor battery in juvenile court. The school plans to install security cameras in the cafeteria so nothing like this can happen again.

Thankfully, the employees seem to be OK, as is the student who took a big bite of what he'd soon discover was radioactive spaghetti.

And you thought those Doritos you had yesterday had some kick. Weak.

What's your tolerance for spicy foods?


Photo via steve snodgrass/Flickr

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