Paula Deen's New Flavored Butters Aren't as Hazardous to Your Health as They Sound

paula deen southern grillin butterHave you heard, y'all? Paula Deen has her own line of butter now. Yes, I know it totally sounds like the premise of a Saturday Night Live sketch, but it's true. The Southern cooking queen, who went public with her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis early last year and says she has since been committed to making healthy lifestyle choices, is peddling a whole new line of Paula Deen-branded foods, including five "finishing butters," which supposedly "let cooks bring a wonderful fresh butter taste to various dishes while just adding butter to the end of the cooking process." They come in five flavors: Southern Grilling Butter, Lemon Dill Butter, European Style Butter, Sweet Citrus Zest Butter, and Garden Herb Butter.

Of course, at first glimpse, this looks crazy. Who is she kidding? "Finishing" or not, butter is still evil, fattening BUTTER, right? But meh. I'm not so sure we should be lambasting this move so quickly.


First of all, she's Paula freakin' Deen. What kind of food did anyone expect her to come out with? Hummus? I don't think so. Butter is her schtick. What's more, come on, what's life without a little butter?

The big picture message Paula's been sending for a while now hasn't changed with the debut of these products. She's still saying to use fattening ingredients, like her butters, in moderation. Just a little bit -- at the end of the cooking process, as opposed to at the beginning, middle, and end.

Still, having something like this around and not going overboard totally requires self-control, and if you're lacking in that department, sure, you may want to rethink buying it.

Honestly, I've stopped buying certain types of sweets, because even though I can have a little and put it away, my husband has the ability to morph into a Dessert Monster and polishes off whole pies or cartons of ice cream. But he won't if it's not around! So if you can't take the heat -- and by heat, I mean a pat of butter -- don't blame Paula. Just don't buy it. 

What do you think about Paula Deen peddling flavored butters? Would you try them?


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