Mad Dad Says Kids Got Drunk After Being Served Alcoholic Mimosas Instead of O.J.

mimosasJeremy DeRoo went out to brunch with his wife and three kids, ages 2, 3, and 7 Sunday. They expected a nice meal and some family time, but instead DeRoo claims they got three drunk kids who had hangovers the next day.

He says it happened at Bazil restaurant in Rochester, N.Y., when his kids ordered orange juice. He told WHAM that the 7-year-old said it tasted funny, but after taking a sip, her mother told her it was fine, probably just another brand. So the kids sipped away, and it wasn't until they heard another table talking about how their juice tasted like mimosas that it dawned on them to check again. When they complained, the waitress removed the drinks and replaced them with milk, but DeRoo says it was clear to him by the lethargic way the kids acted the rest of the day and the following day that they were served alcohol. Yikes. 


DeRoo was so angry he called the police, but apparently they just told him that mistakes happen. Yes, they do ... over and over again. We've seen more than a few other similar stories before in which restaurants have mistakenly served kids alcohol. Each time we hope others will learn from the mistake, but here we are again.

The owner, after learning of the incident, has tried to make amends, offering to refund the cost of the meal and is making changes to the way the restaurant serves drinks. And really, what else can he do?

Mistakes do happen. I don't think there's any deliberate malice in any of these cases we see, and DeRoo, says he isn't going to sue. He says he just wants to make sure it doesn't happen to other people. Unfortunately it probably will, if not at this restaurant then another.

The bottom line is that we can only trust the food we're served in a restaurant so much. From contamination, to unsafe food handling methods, to servers who take out their aggression by doing unthinkable things to our food, to simple human error, we never can be 100 percent sure what we're getting. We take a risk when we eat out. While it doesn't mean restaurants shouldn't be accountable for providing safe food and for making sure they don't get kids drunk, it does mean that if your kids tell you their drink tastes funny, you need to really stop and find out why. It might not hurt to always take a sip before they do either.

Has your kid ever been mistakenly served alcohol in a restaurant before? Do stories like this make you trust restaurants less?


Image via Dinner Series/Flickr

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