Farrah Abraham's New Restaurant Needs These 5 Sexy Specials on the Menu

farrah abrahamI'm all for celebrities and reality stars trying something new every once in a while. Heck, Bethenny Frankel ventured off of her reality star path to create Skinnygirl and I reap the benefits of that decision at least once a month. But there's a different between a celeb who is trying something new, and one who is trying to deo EVERYTHING all at once. Thus I present you, Farrah Abraham.

The Teen Mom star who recently made major headlines for her "accidentally public" sex tape, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, has officially gone off the deep end. As if writing a book, making a compilation CD, waxing her toddler's eyebrows, and making an ab workout video weren't enough to get her name out there -- now she's onto a new venture. A foodie venture. You heard it here: Farrah Abraham is planning on opening a restaurant.

I know. I was speechless at first, too.


So we don't know much about this little restaurant. We do know that she's in Austin, Texas right now working on it. We also know that last year, the Teen Mom was set on opening an Italian-Asian fusion restaurant in Florida -- but that never culminated into anything. No word on whether this potential new locale will have the same Italian-Asian flair.

Besides guesses for the restaurant name (Farrah's Backdoor Barbecue, choice No. 1), I have a few guesses as to what she'll list on her menu.

1. Basted Abra-baked-ham: A Teriyaki-glazed ham with a secret ingredient that you can only find out about if you buy her sex tape. At the restaurant. Twice. 

2. Sophia's scintillating bread sticks: Soph definitely needs a spot on this menu. I'm thinking she gets bread sticks seasoned with an eggplant Parmesan garlic spread.

3. Naked Asian-style burrito: Who doesn't love some good 'ol Asian slaw? Heck, we know Farrah at least loves being naked.

4. Farrah's Spicy Secret: You won't know what's in this casserole, but one taste will leave you wanting more.

5. And for dessert ... Teen Momsicles: I could totally see Farrah making these in obscene shaped. Maybe she'd pay tribute to her costars and ask them what flavor they'd like their special momsicle to be.

Can you believe that Farrah's working on a new restuarant? Do you think she has it in her?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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