What to Do When Your BBQ Gets Rained Out

bbq rainYou've planned the perfect outdoor party -- the barbecue is ready, delicious foods have been marinating overnight, the outdoor games and seating are all set, and the guests are excited. Then it rains! Whatever you do, don't cancel. You can survive an outdoor BBQ even in the rain.

Here are some tips on what to do when your BBQ gets rained out.


- Keep calm. If the rain is torrential and there's thunder and lightning, don't fret. It's still a party, just a little bit of a different party than you expected. Some of the best things are spontaneous, so make it work with whatever you have inside. Order pizza if you have to. Enjoy your guests and don't stress.

- Grill in the rain. It can be done. All you need is an umbrella and a BBQ master willing to get a little wet to get the job done.

- Keep the music and games going inside. Maybe it's a little more crowded inside, but what's a party without a little closeness? Take all the fun inside -- play music, maybe a game of Twister, and keep the drinks flowing and the snacks handy, and the conversation and good times will flow.

- Consider your slow cooker. If the rain starts early, you could have enough time to throw your meats in the slow cooker and a few hours later have some yummy dishes.

- Make sure guests bring bathing suits. Pool or no pool. Rain or no rain. During a hot summer day, a quick run outside in your bathing suit during the rain can be refreshing, invigorating, and really fun.

What's your plan B for when it rains during a BBQ?


Image via Robert S. Donovan/Flickr

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