Hepatitis A Outbreak That Has Spread to 5 States Linked to Tainted Frozen Berries

berry mixAt least 30 people in five states have been struck by Hepatitis A after buying a frozen berry and pomegranate mix from Costco supermarkets. Cases have been reported in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and California.

The frozen berry blend called The Townsend Farms Organic Anti-oxidant Blend Frozen Berry Mix is a frozen berry and pomegranate seed mix. While Costco is notifying all members who purchased the product since late February and is taking the mix off the shelves, the rest of us are wanting to cry. Those poor people.

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection caused by a virus. Of the people who've been sickened in this outbreak, nearly half have been hospitalized, the CDC said. Symptoms range from fever, fatigue, nausea and vomiting to stomach and joint pain. It sounds horrendous and apparently can last for months. And all because they wanted to eat well.


This recall just seems extra depressing since it was people purposely trying to eat healthy. They were likely making smoothies and trying to eat well and this is how they get repaid.

It is a bad disease. Luckily, it is not fatal and these people can recover. But it can be years to really get liver function back to normal and no one wants to go through that.

Here's to a fast recovery and hoping that no one else gets sick!

Do you think you may have used these berries?


Image via epSos .de /Flickr

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