Burger King's Hands-Free Whopper Is Something You Gotta See (VIDEO)

hands free whopperThe beautiful beaches, the glorious rain forests, the warm, friendly people ... as if you weren't already jealous of everything that Puerto Rico has to offer, there's now something even more incredible to add to the list. To celebrate their 50th anniversary in the territory, Burger King is giving out Hands Free Whopper Holders. Fifty of their luckiest loyalty program members will receive this sandwich-holding necklace that will allow them to eat their burgers while using their hands for other things, like playing the guitar, shooting hoops, rubbing sunscreen on a bikini-clad woman, and ballroom dancing.


It remains to be seen if this was a genuine gift from Burger King or just a genius viral marketing campaign, or both, and I don't know about you, but I'm all in. I could certainly use this at the beach -- me like m'Whoppers sand- and suntan lotion-free, thank you very much.

If anything, though, the hands free Whopper makes an excellent and compelling case for Puerto Rico's statehood. #51st, baby!

Check out how to use the hand-free Whopper:

How much do you want one of these?


Photo via rafaelsosaurirarte/YouTube

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