Pizza Delivery Guy Caught on Camera Doing Something Really Gross With Someone's Pie (VIDEO)

pizza delivery

We take a leap of faith every time we eat out or order delivery. It's not a giant leap, it's a small one, but hey, you just never know what's lurking in your salad or what naked man is stirring up your Pad Thai with his you-know-what. That's why this Russian pizza delivery guy is doing us a great service -- he's reminding everyone that just before your delicious, cheesy pie makes its way to your kitchen, it's vulnerable to a whole host of issues.


The pizza deliverer in question was caught on surveillance tape eating the toppings off the pie he was about to hand over to paying customers.

He takes the pizza out of the heating bag, opens the box, and picks off and eats some of the meats and veggies.

Matt Lauer suggested that perhaps he had realized that the folks hadn't ordered sausage and peppers and decided to remedy the situation, but others with half a brain remain skeptical.

I feel like this guy was probably just hungry and/or wanted to enact some ridiculous revenge.

That, or he was delivering the pizza to Alicia Silverstone's kid who ordered the food pre-chewed.

Watch the video:

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What's your worst eating-out horror story?


Photo via NBC

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