‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Restaurant Serves Diner Flies in His Drink & It Gets Even Worse

martiniHooray, America's most notorious restaurant is in the news again, and for a really gross reason. Amy's Baking Company, recently featured (is that the right word?) in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, just celebrated a grand re-opening last week. It was a chance for owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo to start over and prove that they know how to run a restaurant. And! They're off to a brilliant start. Apparently the restaurant kicked out some reporters who found flies in their drinks.

Phoenix Business Journal editor Adam Kress ordered a vodka martini on the rocks with a twist of lemon -- and found a fruit fly swimming in it (and no rocks). He complained to Samy, who apologized and brought him a fresh drink ... now with a fly floating in it. Kress complained again and got into a bit of a tiff with Samy, but at least his drink was replaced again -- with THREE flies in it this time.


So of course this turned into a huge argument with Samy, who kept denying that anyone had been served drinks with insects in them. Like people carry around dead bugs just so they can plant them in their cocktails! How else did those flies get in those drinks? In the end, Samy kicked Kress and his colleagues out of the restaurant.

And then, duh, the Phoenix Business Journal wrote all about it.

God, this restaurant keeps serving up delicious heaps of crazy for us all to enjoy. You don't even have to live in Arizona to enjoy the best of what Amy's Baking Company has to offer: Insane buffoonery. But are they being set up? Miami Herald TV writer Glenn Garvin anonymously dined during a taping of Kitchen Nightmares. It was at a different restaurant, but he claims the customers were encouraged to complain loudly. "Watching them was like a scene from a culinary Lord of the Flies as their nostrils flared at the scent of videotaped blood."

So maybe that's what happened with ABC? It's possible. But it would have been totally unnecessary. Amy and Samy did plenty on their own to make their restaurant look like a loony bin. As for the flies in the drinks -- I believe it. I was with a friend once when she was served a cocktail with a fly frozen right into the ice cube. I have no idea how that happens. But you have to be extraordinarily talented to make it happen three times in a row.

Have you ever been served a drink with a fly in it?


Image via bark/Flickr

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