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9 Heavenly Things to Do With Honey

honeyHoney is one of nature's most magical foods. How amazing that this sweet, liquid gold is made by insects from flower nectar. It's sterile, so it never spoils. It's extremely versatile. And some even claim it has amazing health benefits. You can make so many things with honey -- not just to eat, but also to soften your hair and your skin. Here are just nine ideas for honey.


1Treat Hay Fever

A lot of my friends swear by this. Eating honey can help curb your hay fever. Local honey (honey produced in your area) is supposed to be most effective, but supposedly honey from anywhere works.

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2Gentler, Sweeter Cough Syrup

Studies have proven that honey is an effective cough suppressant. That's great if you happen to hate cough syrup (I sure do). But it's especially helpful if you're treating children, who shouldn't be taking any cold medicine but still need relief. Remember that most doctors don't recommend feeding babies under 1 honey.

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4Sugar Substitute

Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar. It's sweeter and denser, it contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals, and nutritionists say it doesn't convert into fat as quickly as sugar does. It is slightly higher in calories, but you may end up using less of it.

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5Lip Balm

Did you know honey is a natural moisturizer? You could just mix some honey up with a little almond oil for a quick balm. But if you're up for a project, here's a recipe for honey lip balm. Honey can smooth scaly elbows, too.

6Exfoliating Face Mask

There are loads of honey-based exfoliating scrub recipes out there on the Internets, but I'm especially interested in this exfoliating mask using honey and baking soda.

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