Red, White & Blue Flag Cake Recipe for a Patriotic Memorial Day

flag cakeBreak out the white pants and shoes, Memorial Day weekend is here. It's such a fun and festive weekend that signals the start of summertime and all the season brings, so we should ring it in right. This gorgeous and delicious flag cake is the perfect way to do so. 

While you can decorate the outside with strawberries and blueberries or other festive toppings (lit sparklers are fun!), it's what's in the middle that really wows. There hidden inside is a flag. It provides a sweet little bit of patriotism in every bite. The following recipe is from The Secret Life of a Chef's Wife, and while the instructions look long, they're really quite simple, and definitely worth the work!


Red, White, and Blue Flag Cake

2 white cake mixes (or enough to make three layers to accommodate the size you want to make) plus the ingredients to make them (typically oil, eggs, and water)
2 cans prepared vanilla (or cream cheese) frosting
Red food coloring
Blue food coloring

Dye batter for one layer blue, and one layer red. Leave remaining one white.

Bake then cool all three layers according to directions.

Bake lay­ers accord­ing to recipe or direc­tions. Let com­pletely cool. I make mine ahead of time and wrap in plas­tic wrap and store in the refrig­er­a­tor for a day.

Level off tops of cakes, if needed.

 Slice the red and white layer hor­i­zon­tally with a long, ser­rated knife. This will be eas­ier if your cakes have been refrig­er­ated and are still cold.

Next, take one red half-layer, and one white half layer and stack them on top of one another. Take the whole (uncut) blue layer and set it in front of you. Place the stacked red and white layer on top of the blue layer. Check that they are evenly cen­tered on top of one another.

Using a cir­cle tem­plate as a guide, cut a cir­cle exactly cen­tered through all three lay­ers of the blue, white, & red.  For this 9-inch cake, I used the plas­tic lid off the top of a short­en­ing can. It was 5 inches. Try to get as close to this mea­sure­ment as you can so the color ratio looks right. Cut care­fully and thor­oughly, mak­ing sure you get all the way through all the layers.

Next, sep­a­rate the  blue from the red and white lay­ers. Take the mid­dle out of the blue. You won’t be using the blue cir­cle for this recipe, so set it aside.  You now have a donut-shaped ring of blue. This will be the star field of your flag.

Now remove the out­side ring from the red & white lay­ers. This is not used either, so set it aside. You should have a 5-inch cir­cle con­sist­ing of 1 white half-layer, and 1 red half layer. This will be the top stripes of your flag cake.


Take the uncut white half-layer and cen­ter it on a cake cir­cle or cake stand. Spread a 1/8–1/4 inch layer of frost­ing over the top. Keep it as even as you can. Lay the uncut red half-layer on top of the frost­ing, mak­ing sure it is cen­tered. These make up the bot­tom two stripes of your flag. Frost like the last layer. Make it as even as you can.

Now take the blue donut cir­cle and cen­ter it on top of the bot­tom stripes layer. Using a small off­set spat­ula or knife, spread a very thin layer of frost­ing around the inside of the blue ring. You don’t really want to see this layer of frost­ing, it’s just to help adhere the lay­ers. Plus, too much frost­ing, and your cir­cles won’t fit inside.

Take the white 5-inch cir­cle and set it care­fully, but firmly inside the blue ring. Push it down as far as you dare. You want it as even with the blue as you can get it. Spread a thin, thin layer of icing over the white that is inside the blue ring. Place the red cir­cle on top and press down care­fully, try­ing to make the top lay­ers even.

Now you are ready to frost. Put a nice, thick layer on the out­side of the cake. You need to make up for the not-so-much frost­ing on the inside.

Keep the cake refrig­er­ated until ready to serve. You can pull it out a bit ahead of time to take the chill off.

Image via Andreas Ivarsson/Flickr


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