Thoughtful Waiter Donates Tips to Oklahoma Tornado Victims & Starts Chain Reaction of Kindness

ok tornado tipsPeople are in the giving spirit, you guys, so better get while the gettin's good. Er, rather, give while the giving's good. The latest in awesome-tips-news comes from a Red Lobster waiter in Oklahoma. After the devastating tornado, the 30-year-old server decided to donate all his tips Monday night toward relief efforts.

Lo and behold, customers stepped up to the plate. Big time.


The waiter, @OSUfreak82, tweeted that some generous diners left a $220 tip on a $158 meal. And according to his interview with the Huffington Post, it didn't stop there. On Tuesday night, one couple wanted to buy another table's meal after they heard that they'd lost everything.

It's a blessing (as much as it is a shame -- why can't people be this nice all the time?) that tragedies bring us together. The outpouring of support for the tornado victims seems to be coming from every angle, big and small.

Will $220 make a noticeable dent in the estimated $2 billion needed for damage repair? No. But it's thought that counts. One small gesture like that can have an enormous trickle-down effect.

Just like this $1,000 tip left by a man for a waitress who said her family was Italian, but that she'd never been to Italy. I'm sure his benevolent spirit inspired other random acts of kindness. Same with this story of a regular customer leaving her server a 7,000 percent tip for being so patient with a mean-spirited diner. A chain reaction of compassion surely followed, in one form or another.

Generosity and kindness are contagious, and I'm positive you agree that there's no better bug to catch.

What random act of kindness have you given or received recently?


Photo via OSUfreak82/Twitter

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