Customer Leaves Waitress 7,000 Percent Tip Just to Be Nice (VIDEO)

7000 percent tipBecause we all love a great tip story (remember yesterday's $1,000-dollar tip?), we've got another one for you today. A regular left a Steak 'n Shake server a 7,000 percent tip. The bill came to $5.97, but she left $446 as a tip, and no, that tip wasn't due to a missing decimal point.

Server Cece Bruce of Indianapolis says she was having a lot of trouble from one of her other customers, and one of her regulars, known as "Miss Jo," noticed. And that's why Miss Jo left the extra generous tip. Cece says she tried to refuse it, but Miss Jo insisted. "I didn't think I was worth $400 but, you know, she feels I am."


That's so sweet! We've all seen waitstaff get a hard time from jerks. And we're all sick of hearing about no tips or, worse, mean notes instead of tips. Thanks to Miss Jo, the universe has tilted ever so slightly back to the good. Not only did it make Cece's day, the manager said it gave all the employee a lift because it restored their faith in humanity.

Since she's a regular, she probably gets great service no matter what. But this has got to win her some extra love at that Steak 'n Shake forever after. Not that that's why she did it! Miss Jo refused to speak to reporters. She just wanted to do her good deed and enjoy the warm feeling it gave her.

Cece is working her way through school and says she's going to use the tip to pay her bills. She says that tip came "right on time," like maybe she was worried about how else she was going to pay her bills. Thank goodness she and Miss Jo both have such kind dispositions.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Have you ever left a server an extra tip because other customers were giving them a hard time?


Image via 13 WTHR Indianapolis

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