Waitress Gets $1,000 Tip From Generous Customer Who Wanted to Make Her Dreams Come True (PHOTO)

receiptGetting a little extra cash is always nice. You know, as a birthday present or tucked away in your Christmas stocking. But what if a total stranger handed you a casual $1,000? Supposedly, that's what happened to one lucky waitress. According to a blogger by the name of Casual Cynic, her mother was waiting on a customer and mentioned in passing that her family was from Italy and that she'd never been there. After finishing his meal, he told her to have a nice day and walked out the door. When the waitress went to go collect the receipt, she saw that he left a $1,000 tip and wrote, "Your ticket to Italy. Enjoy!!" next to the amount.

Um, hey, I wish I just had an extra $1,000 to hand over to a complete stranger. Talk about karma! Actually, talk about ONE LUCKY LADY! Best shift ever? Most definitely.

Of course, there's no legitimate proof that the receipt is 100 percent real. Am I a little skeptical? Of course. But either way, this is a pretty freakin' awesome story.


Yeah, I may not have a wad of cash to hand to someone, but stories like this make me want to do something nice for somebody else. You know, pay it forward. This man tipped his waitress a crazy amount so she could realize her dream and visit where her family is from. The least that I could do is open an extra door, hold an elevator, or buy someone's coffee -- right?

At the VERY least, this really makes me think of leaving a solid 20 percent the next time I sit down at a restaurant. Good tippers are the cherry on the top of the "I don't really wanna be working here" sundae, after all.

Do you think the $1,000 tip is real? Have you ever left a larger-than-average tip at a restaurant?


Image via Tumblr

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