Chef Allegedly Killed Over Meal Because Drunk Customers Didn't Like His Noodles

beef noodlesWhen well-adjusted people have a poor experience at a restaurant, they may complain to the manager and make a note to never return. When maladjusted people have a poor experience at a restaurant, they murder the cook. A Japanese chef was allegedly killed over a meal of beef and noodles that two unruly, intoxicated diners on the German island of Sylt, a vacation destination, really didn't like. Miki Nozawa, 57, was a famous chef known for his Japanese-Italian fusion. Reportedly, the men were dissatisfied with their noodles and demanded a refund of their 10 euros.

Then, things escalated.


It's unclear whether they attacked Nozawa in the restaurant or later on when they ran into him at a club, but the chef was allegedly beaten to death, ultimately dying of a brain hemorrhage.

The two men who supposedly did it were arrested then released after police felt they didn't have enough evidence. However, they're still prime suspects who are required to answer a lot more questions.

Everyone can relate to having a bad meal while eating out, and many of us have, in a pre-caffeinated state, wished a plague on our Starbucks barista who seems to be taking their sweet, sweet time regardless of the morning rush and the homeless person banging on the bathroom door, but almost no one would take it to such a violent and horrifying level. Nowaza's ex-wife claims racism comes into play.

Moms of young children know all too well the price that can be paid for serving sub-par cuisine (how dare you insist your kids eat those vegetables; how dare you). The tantrums, the pouting, the declarations of hate ... it's not easy being a chef when the customers are so unruly.

Nowaza's death is as shocking as it is very, very sad. I hope whoever did this is put in jail ... and forced to eat really bad beef and noodles for the rest of their days.

Can you believe this?


Photo via jeffreyw/Flickr

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