Homemade Fried Oreos Recipe Is Sinfully Delicious

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deep-fried OreoWhen it comes to dessert, I say go hard or go home. If you're going to indulge, then really indulge, or don't bother. These homemade fried Oreos are the perfect hard-hitting indulgence. 

Often found at state fairs, there's no need to wait for one to get your fix. The sinfully delicious treats are actually much easier to make than they look. This recipe from Kirbie Craving is simple to follow and comes out great every time. You don't even need a deep-fryer,  just a pan that will hold about an inch of oil is fine. They're great to make for parties, but beware -- they disappear as fast as you can make them.

Fried Oreos

10 Oreos
1 cup Bisquick pancake mix
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
Powdered sugar for dusting

In a small bowl, mix Bisquick, milk, and egg. Stir until combined with a few lumps remaining. Batter should be thick.

Add oil in a pan deep enough for frying. Add oil until you have about 1 inch of oil, and heat to a medium high.

Once the oil is hot, dip an Oreo into the pancake batter, turning on both sides until the Oreo is fully coated (try to hold Oreo on the very tips of your fingers so that as much of the Oreo is covered and your fingers don't get in the way). Place the Oreo into the hot oil and cook for about 30 seconds -1 min on each side until golden brown on both sides. Repeat with remaining Oreos. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top before serving.


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Ok I will try this once! Just once cause its so bad ; )

Kate Cooley

This is repellant.

nonmember avatar Taylor

It's actually really good and that's coming from a girl that hates fried food so y'all haven't even tried it yet so

Ur missing out

nonmember avatar Jasmine

Why are you on this page if you don't like it. Don't like it, don't eat it ;)

nonmember avatar Hope

Can you use any pancake mix? Or does it have to be bisquick?

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