Amazing New 'Waffle Taco' Makes Your Wildest Breakfast Fantasies Come True (VIDEO)

waffle tacoIt's one of those things that'll make your eyes widen with delight, your brain curse itself for not thinking of it first, and your arteries open like garden hoses. It's the Waffle Taco. First Taco Bell invented the Doritos Locos, now this. It's sausage, egg, and syrup folded up into a waffle that's shaped like a taco. Even though I've never tasted it nor been approached to advertise it, I am obsessed.

Who's road trippin' with me to Southern California?


Because as of now, that's the only place the Waffle Taco is being sold. It's a test run, if you will, but I have a wonderful feeling that I'm not the only one who's fallen in love. It must be just a matter of time until it's available throughout the country, right? RIGHT?

It's an invention that deserves celebration, much like the cinnamon roll waffles (whoa, guys, we're having such a waffle moment here) and pizza crust stuffed with burgers, hot dogs, and nuggets. It's only so often when something this creative, yet this obvious, comes into play, and it's only appropriate to pause and reflect on this gift as well as our collective shortcomings in not developing this sooner.

I mean, there's an enormous, mile-long tube under the Earth in which we're testing the big bang theory, yet no one has thought to turn a waffle into a breakfast taco before?!

We should be embarrassed.

Taco Bell's first foray into breakfast is simply genius. And at 89 cents, it's going to be hard to beat price-wise. PLUS, how badly do you want to make these at home?! I, for one, can't wait.

Watch the Waffle Taco in action:

Are you excited about the Waffle Taco?


Photo via Taco Bell

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