Stupid Criminal Caught Thanks to an Instagram Photo of Delicious Steak Dinner

troy maye steak mortonsThere are many good reasons to Instagram your delicious food. For example, I like seeing those pictures. Really! But there are some drawbacks from posting every damn thing you eat, especially if you're a criminal. Take for example the identity thief who was caught thanks to the Instagram photo of his steak dinner.

I don't even know where to get started on this story because ... oh it's so stupid. So Nathaniel Troy Maye met a couple of times with an IRS informant. First, at a restaurant called YOLO, he admitted to stealing identities but wouldn't give his full name. Then he met the informant at Morton's Steak House and gave the informant a flash drive with tens of thousands of stolen identities. And then he took a mother-effing photo of his damn steak and mac and cheese dinner and posted it under his Instagram account. And labeled it "Morton's." GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.


Investigators were able to trace the info on the flash drive to Troy's Instagram account, which led them to Troy's home and about 700,000 stolen identities, which means that steak dinner cost Troy his freedom. If only he'd ignored the siren call of oversharing!

I mean, was the steak really that good that it was worth risking blowing his cover? Damn, I sure hope so. I hope that was the best steak of his entire life, because he is not eating another steak like that for a good long time.

But let's look at it another way. All your friends think Instagraming your food is such a silly waste of time. But here's a photo that caught a criminal! So you see, it is not so useless after all. Maybe we should be Instagramming more of our food. Didja ever think of that?

Do you ever Instagram your food when you eat out?


Image via @troymaye/Instagram

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