Girls Who Taste American Candy for the First Time Have Priceless & Shocking Reaction (VIDEO)

british girlsBefore devouring a pound of Twizzlers or popping a Butterfinger or seven (hey, they're fun size, get over it), have you ever paused to ponder if these oh-so-delicious treats are, in fact, delicious? An American student studying in England gave her four British flat mates a taste of some of America's most classic candies and filmed their reactions. Spoiler alert: they don't like some of them. HOW is that even POSSIBLE?

Are you telling me that if I didn't have positive associations with these pieces of junk food that I, too, wouldn't be pleased with their overly sweet tastes and their fluffy textures?

Would I, too, think that Twizzlers taste like nail polish?

Because a world without Twizzlers is a world not worth living in.

Watch to see the girls' hilarious reactions to your favorite candies. It'll make you simultaneously appreciate your addiction to American junk food and absolutely abhor it.

What do you think?


Photo via everydaytheritaway/YouTube



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LostS... LostSoul88

They should have gave them pop rocks. Some how I highly doubt that are food is not at all avaliable over there. 

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I dislike twizlers too... they taste like plastic. :-(

momofcfk momofcfk

I think it is totally fake personally.

Serab... Serabelle

Twizzlers are pretty gross, just had them for the first time in years the other day. Plastic. And no, they don't usually carry our candy over seas, you can find it, but have to look for it. It's not in the grocery stores. They have their own brands of candy, some really good, some really not good. I think they use less corn syrup, more real sugar, so things are quite different.

dekumama dekumama

That's about how my British neighbors talk about the stuff. I don't think it's fake.

nonmember avatar Le

I'm british but have been living in america for the past 6 years. To the other commenters: it's not fake and people really don't have access to american food over there. It's a little ignorant that you doubt any other country would not have the food that you love so much. It was weird for me to try american junk food as it is very different to british food. American chocolate especially does not hold a candle to british chocolate.

nonmember avatar kimi

I live in Australia, no we don't get your candy here. Only at special shops. Fyi - herseys kisses taste like crap. This is not fake.

lulou lulou

Im not suprised, and even tempted to look up if the twizzlers of my youth had the same ingredients as now, as I agree with the plastic comments.  Something on Oprah - also from my youth - had something about how you can feel more satisfied with 1 piece of good chocolate, then a crappy box of the fake stuff.  I could also go on with my rant about soil and raspberries again.

adrie... adrien_80

We used to beg my nana when she came back from a visit to her relatives in England to bring us candy from the UK.  They have waaaay better stuff over there.  Give me a Cadbury flake bar any day.  We have the cheapest, crapiest candy over here.  no quality.  I am not surprised others find it nasty.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Not AT ALL surprising. I grew up in Germany (and obviously visited the rest of Europe)...and trust me, after having the good food-American food is crap! American's even screw up European food to make it fit the taste buds here. Not fake and totally my reaction once I move here!

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