Girls Who Taste American Candy for the First Time Have Priceless & Shocking Reaction (VIDEO)

british girlsBefore devouring a pound of Twizzlers or popping a Butterfinger or seven (hey, they're fun size, get over it), have you ever paused to ponder if these oh-so-delicious treats are, in fact, delicious? An American student studying in England gave her four British flat mates a taste of some of America's most classic candies and filmed their reactions. Spoiler alert: they don't like some of them. HOW is that even POSSIBLE?


Are you telling me that if I didn't have positive associations with these pieces of junk food that I, too, wouldn't be pleased with their overly sweet tastes and their fluffy textures?

Would I, too, think that Twizzlers taste like nail polish?

Because a world without Twizzlers is a world not worth living in.

Watch to see the girls' hilarious reactions to your favorite candies. It'll make you simultaneously appreciate your addiction to American junk food and absolutely abhor it.

What do you think?


Photo via everydaytheritaway/YouTube

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