Starbucks Worker Gets Woman's Name Wrong & Writes Hilariously Embarrassing Word on Her Cup Instead


starbucks cupIt seems like restaurant-industry workers can't do anything, right or wrong, without a customer posting about it on social media. From generous, heartwarming tips to fat-shaming receipts, nothing misses the ever watchful eye of Facebook. The latest restaurant under fire is Starbucks. A customer in Hong Kong is not happy with the way her name was spelled on her cup. Let's just say the barista may have heard "Virginia" but what he spelled was something completely different.

It was actually Virginia's sister Victoria who posted the photo of the 'Vagina' cup and implored Starbucks to spell customers' names right, or not bother at all. She went on to say that her sister suffers from fear and anticipation during every coffee run -- her name has also been spelled 'Virgin.'

I'm sorry Virginia feels this way, but is this really cause for so much alarm? My middle name is Virginia and I'm also from Virginia and, dude, if someone accidentally or on purpose called me Vagina, I'd probably chuckle, feel sorry for them, and move on with my day and my latte.

starbucks cupAnd if going to Starbucks causes so much anxiety, give a name like Sarah, or Jen, or Kelly. There's really no use crying over misspellings. (Am I right Sara, Jenn, and Kelley?)

I guess waiters, baristas, and other food servers are under more scrutiny than ever before -- with everyone ready to share the wonders or the horrors of their meal, the good, the bad, and the ugly are often posted online for everyone to see. Who knows, maybe that will make dining out a better experience for everyone.

Now. Had the barista written North Carolina on the cup instead, those would've been fighting words.

What's the funniest interpretation of your name Starbucks has ever come up with?


Images via Cherrysweetdeal/Flickr; Facebook

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redK8... redK8blueSt8

Oh geez are they really making a big deal out of this? The girl "suffers from fear and anticipation"!! Seriously? Hyper sensitive much?

This is hilarious.

Serab... Serabelle

Doesn't this say they were in Hong Kong? How can you expect someone in another country to know how to spell an American name? There are tons of foreign names I woyldnt know where to start with, especially some Asian or Russian names. Just laugh and move on, stop being so sensitive! And If it actually does give you so.much stress and anxiety, give a different name, they aren't going to check your damn passport after all!

Kediset Kediset

yea.. she should just give a different name. People give the weirdest and geekiest names sometimes. It's just a way of knowing whether it's your drink or someone else's, so as Sera said, you're not going to get checked for something like that.

cooki... cookinmommyof1

If she gets so worked up about it why bother going to Starbucks to begin with?

ollie... olliespunkma

Old news this was last week ...not eavan funny

lovem... lovemyson1224

If this bothers her that bad she may need to switch to decaf...

Felly... FellyScarlett

When I worked at McDonald's a customer named Jaime (pronounced hay-me) came in and my poor co worker wrote Hyman. So when the guys food was ready she was yelling out "Hyman!" which sounds an aweful lot like hymen. It was pretty funny.

da_mi... da_miranda

in my country we use numbers instead of names.  that would be easier to everyone

hello... hellokd87

As my name is spelled Krystle. There is RARELY anyone who has actually spelled my name right. You just learn to deal with it. You can't expect everyone to be a psychic & you definitely can't expect someone from a different country to spell your name right.

Katy Khan

Cinese have trouble with english "r" s friend is named laura butpeople have always called her and spelled her name as "lola" 

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