Snooki Makes Fruit Salad Because She’s ‘Such a Mom’ -- 7 Other Mom Foods She Should Try

fruit saladsSnooki is feeling so domestic these days as a new mama. She just posted a photo of TWO fruit salads she made with the caption, "Made yummy fruit salad!!!! I'm such a mom." Aw, both salads really do look yummy. (One is all strawberries?) But wait a minute there, what's especially "mom" about making a fruit salad? Is this something Snooki never saw anyone in the Jersey Shore crew make?

And the answer is no, because there's no booze in fruit salad, silly! No, but seriously, does making certain foods make you "such a mom"? If so, what would those foods be?


Okay, dads can make these dishes, too. We could call them parent food, but that doesn't sound as catchy. And I've probably seen or heard of single, childless people make every one of these -- but there's just something especially nurturing and cozy about these.

  1. Roast chicken/beef: Because that's a lot of meat, and the smell of meat roasting in the oven is about the homey-est smell I can think of.
  2. Birthday cake: Who else makes you a cake on your birthday? I mean, besides the grocery store. (Who always spells your name wrong.)
  3. Casserole: Actually, they were banned in my home, but when I was a kid, this is what all the other suburban children ate almost every night for dinner.
  4. Scrambled eggs: Because sunny-side-up eggs have runny yolks and that is SO GROSS if you're a kid.
  5. Chicken soup: To soothe all those nasty colds.
  6. Chocolate chip cookies with milk: WITH MILK is an important detail. Anyone else (your college roommates) might bake chocolate chip cookies for no reason and let you eat them right off the pan. But a mom will put them on a plate and pour a cold glass of milk to go with them.
  7. Wine: To be enjoyed after the kids are in bed, of course.

What do you think are quintessential "mom" foods?


Image via Snookinic/Instagram

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