Restaurant With Scantily Clad Waitresses Doesn’t Get No Respect From Church

tilted kiltIt'd be one thing if a strip club wanted to open up on a school playground, but a so-termed "breastaurant" a block from a church? I don't really see the problem. The debate's going down in Quincy, Massachusetts: Titled Kilt, a chain restaurant with scantily clad waitresses, has been prevented from setting up shop a block from St. John's Church.


The lot in question used to be the home of an Outback Steakhouse -- evidently, the church-goers are more offended by the human body than they are by a mass of 161 grams of fat disguised as an onion "Aussie-tizer", but I suppose that's just my take.

But, they've got Uncle Sam on their side. There's a state law that "does not allow licensees to serve alcohol within 500 feet of a church or school unless a board decides that the operation would not be detrimental to the educational and spiritual activities of the church or school."

Is a Hooters-type establishment really that detrimental to a church? I guess so. The law was upheld without issue and the church's lawyer says it was a cut-and-dried case.

I can see where the church is coming from and I'd venture to guess there'd be many folks, religious or otherwise, who wouldn't be thrilled with a Tilted Kilt in their backyard, but it feels like a discriminatory position. It's not like there will be naked ladies dancing in red-lit windows.

And since they were OK with an Outback that used to be there, which I'm sure served alcohol and had a bar, it becomes more transparent that the issue isn't really with Tilted Kilt as a drinking establishment as it is with their choice of waitress uniforms. The Deacon actually admitted that in his testimony.

Welp, what're you gonna do. Breast of luck to all involved.

What do you think?


Photo via Joe Osterloh/Flickr

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