Restaurant Staffer Spews Racial Slurs on Facebook After Getting a Bad Tip

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restaurant bill credit cardWhen you go out to eat, the last thing you expect is to have a pic snapped of your receipt, displaying how much you left the server for a tip, and accompanied by a nasty, perhaps even racist remark. But it almost seems like we shouldn't be so surprised if/when that does happen, because angry waiters are taking to Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit with complaints much more often.

Consider what just happened on the social networking sites of a Delaware restaurant called Padi. Photos of "bad tippers" and their receipts were uploaded alongside offensive and racist captions. Images appeared on manager Aaaron Kwan's Instagram account and the restaurant's Facebook page, which called certain patrons out with vile descriptions.

For instance, there was a photo of a bill for $53.80 for a customer with a Jewish surname, who had tipped $5.20 -- less than 10 percent. The photo appeared on the Instagram account, fumanchu85, alongside the message: 'What do you expect from a last name like that? #cheap #jew'". In a similar message, when a diner with a $45.90 bill paid a $6.10 tip, the poster wrote: "With a last name like that, I don’t think you will ever expect a GOOD tip. #cheap #jerk #indian.'" Wowwww. What the hell?!

Kwan denies taking the pics or writing the images and has blamed other employees for accessing the social media sites under his name. Apparently, he keeps his iPad out and some distraught waiter snagged it to do this. 

Hmmmm, it's completely possible, I guess. Either way it is totally unacceptable. I couldn't imagine wanting to return to a restaurant like this, worrying that I could be victimized in the same way these other patrons already have been. Still, my heart goes out to a restaurant that suffers an incident like this because they have one employee gone attention-seeking mad. It's hard to say exactly how you draw the line as a diner. But there's no doubt this restaurant is going to have to bend over backwards to show they're sorry for the completely offensive incident.

What would you do if a similar incident happened at a restaurant you were a patron of?


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PonyC... PonyChaser

There is such a simple cure for this extraordinarily bad behavior. All restaurant owners have to do is step up and be responsible, and actually pay their wait staff a fair wage. I continue to fail to understand why they are exempt from Minimum Wage Laws, and why it is considered to be the patrons' responsibility to make up the Wait Staff's wages. If the process of "required" tipping was eliminated, if servers were paid a normal wage, this wouldn't be an issue.

And I know that prices would increase. But if I'm expected to pay 20% on top of my bill directly to my server, what's the difference if the prices are jacked up 20%? It's the same thing.

Mommi... MommietoJB

↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ AGREE

Caera Caera

I wouldn't do anything. I'd still eat there, and I'd make sure I wasn't a cheap bastard, and tip appropriately.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

I get frustrated by servers constantly bitching about crappy tips. I was a server for 7 years - sure there were some crappy tips, but never consistently. Usually one or two a night. And even with the crappy tips, I was making $30+ an hour. That's not making crappy money AT ALL. If you are a server getting regularly shafted, you are probably a shitty server.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Someone should tell this dumb ass just because you have a Jewish sounding surname does not mean you're Jewish.

nonmember avatar crappytipper

I don't care how much servers expect to be tipped. I usually tip around 10% or less or none depending on the service. I already pay for the food, I am not leaving a huge tip. Don't like your job? Go find a new one, I've been working since I was 15 and never had to be a server. It is possible to find other jobs.

On a side note: Most servers don't do a very good job and you can tell they are being totally fake just to get a tip.

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