6 Food Gadgets That Are So Ridiculous You Just Might Want Them (PHOTOS)

Tama-chanYou know how you've been wishing that someone would finally get around to inventing a stroller specifically designed for your watermelon so you don't have to carry it around in your arms. Yeah, me neither, but someone has done so nonetheless.

Not only does it carry your melon, but it cools it too. Highlighted on FoodBeast, it's known as the Tama-chan, and it will run you the equivalent of about $200 U.S. Unbelievable. But like so many other food gadgets that try to lure us with their innovation and promises of making our lives easier, it's one of those things no one really needs ... but somehow we find ourselves longing for. Here are five other tempting but ridiculous food gadgets.

What useless food gadgets have you been tempted by?

Image via JoyBond

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