10 Amazing Ways Milk Can Be Used Around the House

milkWe grew up thinking milk does a body good, but now, no one's quite so sure. Dairy's been vilified over the last few years, and our celebs and neighbors alike are trying to get us to just say no to cow's milk.

That said, milk is great for all kinds of things that even the lactose-intolerant can enjoy. If you're not going to ingest the stuff, there are plenty of other ways to use cow juice around the house. Here are 10 amazing things you can do with milk.

  1. Makes fish taste better. When thawing your frozen seafood, soak it in a bath of milk until it's ready to cook. The milk absorbs the freezer burn taste and brings to life a fresh-caught taste.
  2. Got sunburn? Get milk. A study from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey advises to "apply cool, not cold, milk with a clean cloth or gauze to your [sunburned] skin. The coolness soothes the initial heat felt by the skin and the milk will create a protein film that helps ease the discomfort."
  3. Use on dry skin. Apply cold milk three times a day to hard, calloused hands and watch the repairs happen overnight. There are tons of moisturizing soaps and lotions that contain milk, but look no further than the fridge for instant relief.
  4. Take a bath. Fill up the tub halfway with milk, add warm water, soak for 30 minutes, and emerge with what seems like brand new skin. Add some honey or lavender in the mix if you're feeling fancy!
  5. Remove makeup. Whip up some powdered milk and warm water to have an organic, all-natural makeup remover. It'll remove gunk and leave your skin soft and smooth.
  6. Repair cracked china. Boil your finely cracked china in milk and watch it fix itself. The protein in milk expands in heat and fills in the cracks. Pretty cool!
  7. Soothe bug bites. Dab milk on the bite and let it dry -- it relieves the strained nerves and eases that itchiness.
  8. Shave your face. Or your legs. Milk is a great substitute for shaving cream.
  9. Clean ink stains. Soak your ink-stained clothes in milk overnight, then throw them in the laundry, and viola! Ink's gone. 
  10. Give yoself a facial. The lactic acid, proteins, and vitamins in milk make a great facial. There are tons of DIY milk facials, but one with lemon peel seems best.

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What are your secret uses for milk?


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