'Walking Dead' Wedding Cake & 8 Other Creepy Cool Desserts (PHOTOS)

walking dead cakeDesigning a special occasion cake, it turns out, is a very personal experience. My fiance and I did our wedding cake tasting with two sets of parents, and although we listened to their feedback, in the end, we went with what we both loved the most. For us, that's going to be a gold-sequined, overflowing champagne-inspired cake. For others, it might be a cake with blood, guts, and zombies. Hey, to each their own.

This week, Reddit user mikemchenry posted a photo of the Walking Dead-inspired cake served at a wedding he attended last weekend. The zombies you see here are made out of Play-Doh. "Best part was, one broke and fell off the side of the cake, but the character's arm was still hanging from where it was supposed to be anchored. Everyone was like, well, it's a zombie, I guess it's okay that its body is falling apart..." Haa!

If this kind of cake is your thing, you're in luck. There are a lot more cakes -- wedding and otherwise -- along the same lines ...


1. Check out this "brains" cake from another recent zombie wedding of UK couple Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore... YUM!

2. This couple must fancy themselves sexy zombie killers. Their wedding topper replicas look 007-esque at the top of the cake while zombies drip and fall beneath them on each tier.

3. Not sure if this cake was for a wedding or a Showtime premiere party, but either way, for the True Blood fan, it's pretty amazing eye candy (cake?).

4. You gotta love these oh-so-simply adorable True Blood cupcakes, too.

5. Oh, two more smaller cakes True Blood loyalists will surely drool over. One's even got Alexander Skarsgard's face on it!

6. But here's one for Twilight and Vampire Diaries fans.

7. More zombie killers. Geeze! Are wedding cakes to zombies like garlic is to vampires?

8. More braaaaains! And blooood. All slopped ontop of an otherwise pretty gorgeous, conventional looking three-tier cake.

If you loved the first brains cake, you'll dig the video with highlights from the whole wedding:


Would you ever consider serving a cake with a ghoulish theme like one of these?

Images via Reddit & BroadcastExchange/YouTube

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