Airline Passenger Gets Into Serious Trouble After Flying Into Violent Rage Over His Meal

ramenYou know how when you're on a super-long flight, like, say, from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, and all you really want from this cold, unfair, violent world is a warm, delicious bowl of ramen? As a Korean whose favorite food ever in life is ramen (stop judging), I can sort of, kind of, maybe, a teeny bit, perhaps relate to this story.

The jist of it? Over the weekend, a Korean Air passenger got f'in pissed that his ramen was "too salty" and "half-cooked." I mean, OMG, people, call international security. This is the ultimate breach that trumps all other breaches; it's what everyone at the FBI surely has been trained for their entire lives. Since the FBI, believe it or not, had to get involved in this whole noodle-themed debacle.


Clearly this dude overreacted ... just a lil bit. Hell, I'd be thrilled with any kind of in-flight meal on an airplane nowadays. And a bowl full of ramen, even if slightly salty and undercooked, would be more than welcome instead of those pathetic bags of stale pretzels that you sometimes even have to pay a dollar for. But apparently this guy got a business class meal -- and he demanded only the best, finest-quality ramen an airline can offer.

After sampling the meal and voicing his disapproval, he then took his crazy way too far by allegedly striking one of the crew members across the face with a magazine! Like, slow your roll, buddy, you got it good, you're part of the elite 1 percent!

When everyone finally got to LAX, the FBI was on the scene. They were able to take this angry, most likely still very hungry, man, who is reportedly a high-level exec for a large iron manufacturing company in Korea, into custody. Apparently, the guy had been a pain in the ass during this very long flight, whining that the temperature was too hot and people were bumping into him and, of course, let's not forget the whole ramen fiasco. Dude sounds like a gem. In response to the cabin being too warm, they offered him water, but he shot that down and (naturally) asked for a gin and tonic. The crew member allegedly smiled in response, but he then erupted, "Don't you laugh at me!"

WTF? Anger management, maybe? Where's Jack Nicholson when you need him?

Anyway, the FBI told this beleaguered passenger that he had two choices: get arrested and face an investigation or get his ass back to South Korea. He made the first right decision since stepping onto that plane by opting to go back to Korea. His company issued an apology for his behavior -- no word if the guy got punished or fired from his job.

Still, such a bizarre story over one of the best noodle staples in existence. Seriously, don't mess with us ramen lovers. You see now what could happen! Maruchan 4 life.

Have you seen anyone get angry over something on a long flight?


Image via nSeika/Flickr

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