Fast Food Chain Delivers to More Cities -- Maybe to Your Area!

bk deliversBurger King wants you to have it your way. And if "your way" means delivered to you while you prop your perfectly useful feet up on the sofa and watch Brandi Glanville do her crazy, your wish is their command. Burger King now delivers in Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco (and some surrounding areas). That's an expansion of the cities where they offered delivery: Washington, D.C., Houston, Miami, and New York.

They're being very 21st-century about it, too. You can order by phone, online, or via mobile. And your orders are remembered, in case you just want to get the same thing over and over again. Not that you're in a rut or anything -- you just like what you like, right? Ahem. Of course, BK isn't the only fast food joint to offer delivery.


McDonald's delivers in New York City, but from what I can tell, it doesn't deliver in any other cities yet. Maybe they're waiting to see how things go with Burger King. But if the BK is expanding its delivery service, it must be a success so far.

I wonder, do people really want their fast food traveling? (I've seen what 15 minutes in the bag can do to Doritos Tacos Locos.) Supposedly, both restaurants have special, proprietary packaging that keeps your food hot (but not soggy, I'm assuming). But you know, fast food is kind of different from other foods, so maybe it can better endure the journey.

Anyway, as long as you're in the zone and within the right hours (sorry, no 2 a.m. munchies will be indulged), you can pretty much order whatever you want. Plus, there are some special deals, like 10 cheeseburgers and 20-piece chicken nugget meals for those hosting a party.

Are you enough of a fast food fan that you'd try delivery?


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