Man Who Fought Off Robbers Arrested for Having Insane Number of Pot-Laced Cookies

star cookiesSo let's get this straight. A man finds armed robbers trying to break into his home. He bravely scares them off, they flee by foot, and he calls the police. But he's the one who gets arrested? Someone is high!

Someone, or a lot of someones. When police investigated, they allegedly found the homeowner in possession of about 8,000 cookies containing pot. EIGHT THOUSAND! Holy baked Keebler Elves. Was that what the robbers were after?


"I've never seen anything like it before," said the investigating constable Janelle Shoihet. (This is in Canada.) "It's an unprecedented number of cookies. It was a bit like a bakery in there. So it was surprising to me." Yes, 8,000 pot-laced cookies would surprise just about anyone, I reckon.

I just want to point out here, and I'm not saying why I know this. I'm just saying. Baking pot into pastries and such is not just a matter of adding a few tablespoons of the stuff directly into your dough. There's a whole infusion process. It's a pain in the neck. Someone went through a lot of trouble to bake all of these marijuana cookies, and I'm almost sad they'll all go to waste now. (Or so we're assuming, right Constable Shoihet.)

The baker and his female companion were arrested and charged with posession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, which I suppose is still illegal there. They may have baked the cookies in preparation for Saturday's annual local pot-smoking event, 4/20. And that's really too bad, because smoking sure does give you the munchies.

How do you think police were able to tell the cookies were made with marijuana?


Image via Stoychy/Flickr

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