Man Swallows Wire Baked Into Pizza & Restaurant Gets What It Deserved

pizza in wood fire burning ovenKnowing that not every restaurant's kitchen is a shining example of hygiene and cleanliness, my philosophy has always been ignorance is bliss. But you can't exactly remain ignorant when you get sick or injured by your meal! Well, patrons to an "award-winning Italian restaurant" called DOC Mornington in Australia won't really be able to turn a blind eye anymore, after a diner ingested a wire bristle cooked in one of the restaurant's pizzas.

The 1.2-inch bristle from an oven cleaning brush somehow made its way into the crust of the pizza and got stuck in the man's throat. So. Scary! No wonder the restaurant was fined $60K. And I'm hoping the diner gets to walk away with some kind of reward for his pain and suffering, too. After an X-ray that was taken at the hospital confirmed a metal object was lodged in his throat, the man underwent emergency surgery and spent several days in hospital. Ugh!


This kind of incident is definitely in the same universe as those hot coffee lawsuits against fast food chains, but it's so much worse. Because how can you argue that it's okay for a bristle from an oven cleaning brush to end up in a pizza crust? Similarly, how can a bakery be all right with a staple being baked into its banana bread, or a company that makes cereal, marketed to kids, be just fine selling a bag of their product that has a metal washer haphazardly tucked in between crunchy corn puffs? Yup -- both true stories that happened to my fiance! Thankfully, he didn't get hurt.

I get that there are humans and human-operated machines behind many of these incidents, and both make mistakes from time to time, but there's no excuse for dangerous foreign objects floating around in food. And when they cause injuries or are merely discovered, there should be absolutely no question that the restaurant or company behind the product should have to pay.

Have you ever encountered a dangerous foreign object like this in food at a restaurant or from the grocery store?


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