8 Brilliant Things You Can Do With Butter

butterDespite being in bride-to-be, uber-health conscious mode over the past holiday season, there was one treat I was willing to make an exception for: My future brother-in-law's girlfriend's raspberry chocolate crumb bars. We look forward to her baking a batch every Christmas Eve, and I'll never forget when my fiance realized why they taste so amazing ... He said something along the lines of, "They're made with butter! A TON of butter! OMG, I love butter!" Haa, don't we all!?

But did you know there are lots of other reasons to love it that have nothing to do with incredible tasting baked goods? Here, 8 brilliant ways to use butter around the house ...


1. Eliminate the smell of fish. I love seafood, but I hate how it can leave my hands and kitchen reeking. (So does my fiance!) Apparently, you can use butter to nix the less than pleasing scent. Just rub some butter on your hands, then wash them with warm water and soap.

2. Shave your legs. If you somehow run out of shaving cream (or shower gel or conditioner), you can use butter as a substitute to get a smooth, close shave.

3. Stop doors from squeaking. Forget WD-40 -- try greasing hinges with butter!

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4. Make onions last longer. I hate when I only use half of an onion and have to worry that the other half will go bad before I get the chance to use it. Spreading butter on the leftover onion and then wrapping it in aluminum foil will keep it fresher longer!

5. Wipe away ink stains. Whether your kid drew all over their favorite doll or the countertop, butter works wonders to remove ink. Rub it on the pen stains, let it dry, then wash it off with soap and water.

6. Make your cat feel more at home. If your kitty is having high anxiety, spread a bit of butter on the top of one its front paws. Cats love the taste of butter so much, they’ll be distracted and keep coming back for more.

7. Swallow pills easier. If you're like me and taking horse pills freaks you out, lightly coat the pill in butter and wash it down with a gulp of a lot of water. It can make it go down smoother.

8. Detangle jewelry. Rub butter on entwined areas, then use a small pointy object (sharpened pencil?) to detangle.

What are some other amazing uses for butter?


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