Greedy Man Arrested for Taking Way Too Many Grocery Store Samples

free samplesYou know those food samples they give out at the grocery store? Who doesn't love free, unplanned hors d'oeuvres! It's like a cocktail party, only without the cocktails, and you're grocery shopping. Anyway, it turns out there is a limit to how many samples you can grab off those trays -- especially if you're a grown man. Poor Erwin Lingitz was arrested for "stealing" free samples. How can you steal something that's free?!?

Well, here's how. According to grocery store managers, Lingitz "violated societal norms" by taking more free samples than is customary. They say he would fill produce bags with 20 cookies from the free kids' cookies tray. And there's more. Check out what else the store claims he took.


Plaintiff had approximately 14-16 packets of soy sauce along with one plastic produce bag containing 0.61 pounds for (sic) summer sausage and another plastic produce bag containing 0.85 pounds of beef stick in his pockets. Near the end of aisle 10 on the day in question, Cub Foods had two un-hosted sample platters, one containing beef stick and one containing summer sausage.

Oh man, when your take from the free samples tray measures in pounds, you know you've definitely gone too far. Let's just remember what samples are all about. Feeding freeloaders? BZZT! Wrong answer. No. They are to give you a little taste of a food so you can decide whether or not you'd like to buy it. That's why they call them samples, and not DINNER.

Why am I even explaining this? I thought we all knew.

I feel for Lingitz a little. When I was in college, we used to go to the grocery store for the express purpose of snacking. But even then, we knew the limits. Like, you wait until no one is looking before you swipe just one cookie from the free kids' cookie tray, for crying out loud. You don't just stand there and help yourself to 20.

Anyway, apparently Lingitz was roughed up a little in his arrest (oh Lord, I can just imagine how that went down). And now he's suing the grocery store. More handouts, I guess?

Do you think you have the right to more than one bite from grocery store samples?


Image via jbcurio/Flickr

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