The Death of the Cupcake Could Be Coming Soon

cupcakesAre we finally over cupcakes? Food bloggers and hipster naysayers have been calling the end of the cupcake trend for years now, and I've always laughed them off. But now? We have actual evidence of the cupcake's imminent demise. Trendy cupcake baker Crumbs Bake Shop says their sales are down by 22 percent. Yikes! 

A cupcake-industry expert told the Wall Street Journal, "Demand is flat. And quite frankly, people can bake cupcakes." OMG, are cupcake shops going to close? Will the frosting-swirled confections disappear from bakery windows? Will we seriously have to (gulp) bake our own?!?


What is all the fuss about? First of all, people have always been able to bake cupcakes. That's nothing new. We've baked cupcakes before, and we'll continue baking cupcakes. Secondly, I think all that's happened is the cupcake renaissance gave birth to a plethora of other fun, hand-held sweet treats: Whoopie pies, macarons, giant cookies, lemon bars, sticky buns, and so on. If we're eating fewer cupcakes, it's only because there's so much else to eat now.

All this is really about is whether or not hipsters will continue eating cupcakes. And you know what? Who the hell cares. More for me, omphnomnomnom.

What I do care about is that independent bakers (the people who made cupcakes so hot) keep thriving and keep producing amazing treats -- like my favorite cupcake bakers, Robicelli's. They also make brownies, hot chocolate mix, and other goodies. But I still buy myself one of their cupcakes every Friday afternoon.

The cupcake is dead. Long live cupcakes!

Do you give a fig how trendy cupcakes are?


Image via WordRidden/Flickr

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