Brilliant Guy Bakes His Boss a Cake to Say 'I Quit' (PHOTO)

cake with resignation noteEvery day, people fantasize about quitting their jobs in a grandiose, in-your-face, or just downright creative, memorable way. But a London man named Chris Holmes actually did just that. The 31-year-old wasn't all that fulfilled by his day gig, but after steadily growing a cake business on the side and becoming a father and realizing how precious life is, he decided it was time to quit ... by announcing his resignation with a cake featuring a note made of piped-on frosting. Ha!

Holmes' brother-in-law was one of the first to be impressed with the stunt and posted a photo of the cake on his Twitter feed, calling him "Jerry Maguire meets Masterchef." Amaaazing. It's enough to inspire any disgruntled employee, eh?


It's inspirational not only because this was an incredibly bold and imaginative way to resign, but because he did it in order to pursue his passion. A passion he's proven to be successful at turning into a moneymaker! The guy even goes by Mr. Cake ... you know, like Mrs. Butterworth!

And yeah, okay, so I also love that he's so passionate about baking that he used it to quit his job! That's some serious dedication to flour and sugar right there. I wonder if this story leads to similar food-linked resignations ...? Maybe someone will bake their boss cookies in the form of peace-signs? Make a pizza with "I QUIT" spelled out in pepperoni? Even if your kitchen skill set is limited, you could buy everyone in the office a round of drinks and then toast to your own departure! After all, appealing to your superior's stomach doesn't seem like the perfect way to soften the blow of giving your two weeks!

What do you think of the guy who baked a cake to quit his job? Would you ever try something similar?

Image via Twitter

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