Cucamelons & 4 Other Foods Too Cute NOT to Eat

Adriana Velez | Apr 15, 2013 Food & Party
Cucamelons & 4 Other Foods Too Cute NOT to Eat

cucamelonHave you seen this fruit? Meet the cucamelon, a "savory fruit" you can grow yourself. Is it a cucumber ... or is it a melon? Who cares, when it's this adorable! I've never tasted one myself, but now I'm going to have to hunt some down. Suddenly I feel like my summer will not be complete without them.

If you think the cucamelon is cute, check out these four other wee little fruits and vegetables. Wouldn't you love to see them all together in the same bowl? Have you ever tried ...

  • Cucamelon


    Also known as the Mexican sour cucumber, miniature watermelon, or sour gherkin. You can pickle them, put them in salads, or just pop them in your mouth for a snack.

  • Kumquats



    The kumquat is a citrus fruit. No need to peel it -- eat the whole thing, thin skin and all! These are sweet with just a tiny edge of bitterness.

  • Kiwi Berries



    Like kumquats, kiwi fruits can be eaten whole, without peeling. And like the cucamelon, they can be grown in northern states in the U.S. I saw these all over farmers' markets the past couple of years. They're sweeter than big kiwi.

  • Baby Bananas



    These wee bananas are reportedly sweeter and have a silkier texture than regular bananas. Now that I mention them, I really don't understand why I'm not eating one right now.

  • Pearl Onions



    Okay, they're not quite as sweet as the other mini foods here. But pearl onions are still a delight. If you can stand the tedious chore of removing their skins, they're great in stews and roasts.

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