'Whole Snake' Supposedly Baked Into a Loaf of Bread, but Is It Fake? (PHOTO)

snake in breadHope you've already eaten your lunch, because if not, you may very well lose your appetite from hearing about the latest food scandal making headlines. Late last week, a Reddit user posted a photo of what appeared to be a snake baked into a loaf of bread. The description: "My aunt found a WHOLE SNAKE in a loaf of bread." Whaaaat!?

The user, humanimalcracker, claimed the bread in question was from Mrs. Baird's, which is a beloved regional bakery chain, popular in Texas and surrounding states. But it's hard to believe that this wasn't a hoax. Especially considering what Mrs. Baird's press representative had to say about the accusation to The Huffington Post ...


The press representative, David Marguiles, said:

These kind of claims are virtually never true. This isn't something where you'd look at it and say, 'Yeah, this could have happened.' ... This is a pretty bizarre claim.

He went on to note that he's never heard of any incident like this. The company has also released their own official statement in response:

Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries has a 105-year history of baking the highest quality, freshest products for consumers. This includes responding to consumer questions in a timely manner. Our customer service team has tried repeatedly to identify the consumer who goes by the Reddit screen name “humanimalcracker” to obtain a sample of the product for analysis. According to Marshall Maddox, Vice President of Manufacturing Services, the questionable area of the bread in the picture is most likely burned, residual dough that was baked into the loaf. While this is a rare occurrence, it is not uncommon for consumers to mistake the burned dough for a foreign object. We ask that the individual who posted the picture contact us at 800-984-0989 so we can arrange for an independent laboratory to examine the material in question.

Ahh! See, this just kills me. A regional company that has been in business for over a CENTURY is suddenly having to worry that their rep is at stake, because some guy posted a pic of their bread with the outrageous claim that there's a snake baked into it. Ooookay. I really have to wonder why someone would do something like this.

Fine, post the pic and claim it's snake bread, but don't attribute it to a specific company unless you really want them to take some kind of offense. I have to wonder if it was a competitor's nasty trick? An angry customer trying to get back at Mrs. Baird's for ... who knows what?

All I'm saying is -- it's hard enough to be in the food biz without having people making wild and crazy claims or posting hoax-y photos online that are getting people in a panic unnecessarily. Usually, I'm all about the consumer, but in this case, you gotta feel bad for the bakery ... and hope their consumers see through what really seems to be nothing more than a bizarre tall tale.

Do you think the pic is for real or a complete hoax?


Image via Imgur

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