Funny Guys Prank Strangers by Asking if They Can Take Pictures of Their Food (VIDEO)

guy instagramming strangers foodAs someone who is sometimes a little more obsessed with awesome food than the average Jane, I get food porn. I get that sometimes people wanna snap a pic of that sweet-looking lobster roll by the shore or that beautiful cake they made for their kiddo's birthday party and then upload it to Facebook or Instagram. Food's part of our daily existence, so if it's especially fun to look at, why not share that with your followers? 

But usually the photogenic food is your own. No one would actually walk up to a stranger and ask to take a quick pic of their food, right? Well, one dude wondered what might happen if he pulled a prank on unsuspecting diners by Instagramming their food out of the blue. The result was hilarious and cringe-worthy all at once. Check it out ...


Haaa, oh, so funny. So invasive. So wrong. I can't imagine being one of these guys' victims. I would have probably said, "Oooookay ..." and let them take a picture of my food, because I am sympathetic to food nuts. But I don't blame some of the people who basically said get the hell away!

Sure, you eat out because you want to be a bit more social, but not this social! Not having someone come up to your table and start photographing your food with the intention of posting it to their social media outlet of choice! That's enough to make anyone lose their appetite.

What would you do if you were one of the diners in this vid?


Image via TheOfficialHungry/YouTube

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