6 Quick & Easy Family Dinner Recipes Using a Rotisserie Chicken

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rotisserie chickensI'm not sure why, but before a couple of years ago, I'd never purchased a rotisserie chicken. Ever.

For some reason it just never dawned on me as something that I would want to eat. I'm not a big fan of just eating pieces of chicken off of the bone, but what I failed to realize for too long is that the meat comes off those bones easily and can be used in all sorts of delicious recipes. And by doing so, those recipes get exponentially easier to make as you get to skip one major step -- cooking the chicken.

Since my enlightenment, I've found a host of ways to make quick family meals using rotisserie chickens. Here are six of my favorite recipes. Note: I typically have my deli just give me the breasts from a rotisserie chicken or two, but if you like dark meat, then just grab a whole bird.

1. Chicken Enchiladas

Easy and delicious, this is a great meal that everyone likes.

2. Southwest Chicken Salad

Light yet still filling, this is a delicious and nutritious main dish that's perfect as temperatures heat up.

3. Chicken and Dumplings

Using rotisserie chicken and refrigerated biscuits, this comfort food classic is a snap to whip up.

4. Chicken Potpie Empanadas

Filled with chicken and vegetables, this pie is perfect any night of the week.

5. Chicken and Kale Casserole

So creamy and rich, kids won't even realize this tasty dish is packed with super-healthy kale.

6. Chicken Tortilla Soup

One of my favorite meals of all time becomes a cinch when you use rotisserie chicken.

Do you use rotisserie chicken? Any ideas to add?


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bills... billsfan1104

I love the Rotiessere chickens. They are already cooked and you can make a quick healthy dinner in less than 1/2 hour. You can make chicken soup, chicken lasagna, or just make some healthy side dishes with it. I made a garlic chicken, mushroom and spinach pizza with it. No sauce, just a little garlic butter, then cheese(I used Gorganzola and Mozzerella, spinach and portabello mushrooms. It was so yummy!!

Amie Acosta

BIllsfan that pizza made my mouth water... YUM.

nonmember avatar Goose

Chicken salad sandwiches. I prefer miracle whip over mayo. Celery, seasoning salt, pepper and sometime dried cranberries.

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