I Made Grilled Cheese With an Iron: Here's How (PHOTOS)

grilled cheese sandwichBack in the 1980s, there was this movie called Mr. Mom in which a full-grown man tends to his own children and maintains his own household. Hilarious high jinks ensue, because men caring for kids and doing housework LOLOLOL! It's a total gas -- if you're living in the stone age, as Hollywood apparently was in 1983. But anyway, one thing, besides the rampant gender stereotypes, stood out for me: The scene where the dad grills a cheese sandwich with an iron. (Out of laziness because the kids are hungry and he's busy ironing his wife's shirts.)

Ever since then I've wanted to try grilling a cheese sandwich with my iron.

Some of you may be asking, "Why on earth would you want to do that?!?" Ugh, why must you ask such boring questions? Because! Science. And because I'm curious. Have you never had a moment of curiosity in your life? It's a lot of fun. You should try it some time. And you should try grilling a sandwich with your iron. Here's how.


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