Celebrate the 'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere With Cocktails & a Drinking Game

mad men season 6 donOn a Friday, it's rare to be looking forward to Sunday night, but this weekend is an exception, because this Sunday night is the Mad Men season 6 premiere. FINALLY! Eee! And what better way to celebrate than by whipping up some retro cocktails circa the late '60s and playing a drinking game?!

Here, a few ideas for era-appropriate libations, and then, "the rules" ...


Drink ideas:

  1. Classic daiquiri -  Sweet cocktails like this one reached a zenith in the late '60s.
  2. A classic sidecar - Delicious if you find citrus groovy.
  3. Tequila Sunrise - Another good one if you enjoy O.J.
  4. The Cape Codder - Great if you dig cranberry juice!
  5. The Moscow Mule - If you like lime, this is one to try.

To play, drink every time the following occurs/appears in the season premiere. Could probably work for other episodes in the season, but I can't officially advocate playing a drinking game every Sunday night. (Also, warning: Make sure to sip your drink slowly when you see the following, or else you're bound to get more buzzed than drunky Don at his worst in season 4!)

  1. Don flirting with someone other than Megan
  2. Megan being treated like a famous actress
  3. Betty being miserable
  4. Betty being cruel to Sally 
  5. Sally acting rebellious
  6. Marijuana
  7. A Hawaiian shirt
  8. A peace sign
  9. Pete being smarmy
  10. Joan flirting with Roger
  11. Psychadelic colors
  12. Peggy being the boss lady and puttin' the menz in their place
  13. A historical event comes up
  14. An anti-war demonstration
  15. Megan wears an impossibly trendy, sexy outfit
  16. A new character is introduced
  17. Someone references death/dying
  18. Don knocks a pitch to a client out of the park

How will you be celebrating the season premiere?

Image via Michael Yarish/AMC

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