Latest Drive-Thru Prank Has Bloody, Headless Guy Ordering Fast Food & Terrifying Workers (VIDEO)

The drive-thru prankster is back! Rahat the Magician Prankster became Internet-famous with his notorious “invisible driver” video on YouTube. He made a costume that looked just like the seat of his car, and filmed the reactions of drive-thru workers when a car pulled up to the window with “nobody” driving it. Hilarity.

In his latest video, Rahat pulls up to the window … decapitated. The reactions of the employees to the headless driver are priceless! I promise you will laugh.



I think my favorite part is when one girl asks, “Where yo head at?” and someone replies, “He ain’t got none!” Or the woman that runs away screaming at the end. So. Flipping. Funny.

Would you laugh or scream if someone pulled this prank on you?

Image via MagicofRahat/YouTube

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