Ryan Gosling's 'Food Fight' Gets Him Hot & Bothered & Makes Him Even Sexier

ryan goslingIf Ryan Gosling actually takes that much-discussed break from acting, he may be spending more time doing something you could have never guessed: Advocating for animal rights! Though he's never really been all that vocal about issues like this before, Ryan is riled up about the welfare of dairy cows and actually sent a letter to the National Milk Producers Federation this week. He specifically requested that dairy farmers phase out the "barbaric practice" of "dehorning" calves. Ugh!

Who even knew they did such a thing?! Ryan goes onto explain in his letter, which PETA made public ... 


Apparently, dehorning is a "painful process in which calves have their horns gouged out or sensitive horn tissue burned out of their heads. There is absolutely no reason -- and no excuse -- for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue." No kidding. What in the world are dairy farmers thinking?

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Well, the National Milk Producers Federation spokesman has already responded to Ryan's letter and attempted to defend the practice by arguing that dehorning cuts down on injuries to humans and cows. Really??

As it sounds like dehorning is sadly not going anywhere anytime soon, I hope this is a battle Ryan keeps on fighting. It's scary how much we don't know about where our food comes from and how the animals behind that food are treated. But now thanks to Ryan, we know -- and maybe someone will listen. Ahhh, even more reason to find him irresistably attractive!

Are you horrified hearing about this?


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