Brave Waitress Saves Man's Life After He Falls Dangerously Ill During His Meal (VIDEO)

renee vanceWhen you go out to eat, the last thing you expect is to have a health scare right there in the middle of the restaurant. But it happens. A 76-year-old diner known as Leo lapsed into diabetic shock while eating at Waffle House in Cobb County, Georgia recently. Thank goodness for waitress Renee Vance, who has worked at the restaurant for 27 years but recently began nursing school.

"Someone yelled, 'He's having a stroke -- call 911,'" Renee Vance reported to the local news. But because she's a diabetic herself and knew the tell-tale signs, Vance quickly measured Leo's blood sugar with her glucose meter. The reading had fallen to a point that could lead to organ failure, she says. "I just did what I did. I didn't think about it. It was just save him. Something's going to happen if I don't." Wow, talk about a hero!


Knowing what she had to do, Vance poured O.J. down Leo's throat. She actually moved so quickly that two other customers who had just completed their CPR training backed off to let her take charge of the situation, according to Waffle House spokeswoman Kelly Thrasher. Thrasher explained:

She didn't hesitate, she wasn't afraid. She basically took charge of the situation and there was no time for panic to set in.

What a relief for Leo and his family. "When they took him out he was looking up at me and saying thank you," Vance said. Awww.

Geeze, eating out when you've got a health condition like diabetes must be challenging to begin with. I'm sure Leo probably wasn't suspecting he'd go into diabetic shock when he headed out to eat that day! But it's rare that you find a server like Vance who was so brave and so ready to jump in and do whatever she had to to make sure Leo was okay. The world could use more good Samaritans like her.

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How inspiring is this? Have you ever seen a server intervene in a scary health situation at a restaurant?


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