Car Crash Into Vegas Restaurant Might Scare You Away From Eating Outside


vegasWell this is the last thing you expect to happen when you eat out. A car crashed into a Las Vegas restaurant during lunchtime yesterday. Did I say crash? It plowed through the dining patio. Ten people were injured, including a boy who had to be pulled out from under the car.

There were two men inside the car, a Lexus. According to witnesses, they sat in the car for a moment after smashing into a plate glass window. Then they both tried to make a run for it. Fortunately, bystanders managed to pin them down. The Egg & I manager Sarah Gehringer estimates there were about 150 diners inside and out on the patio at the restaurant at the time of the crash.

The dining patio of Egg & I, located just west of the Strip, is surrounded by one of those short wrought-iron fences. I think we've all eaten at sidewalk restaurants like that dozens of times. I've always felt perfectly safe -- it never enters my mind that at any minute, a car could come careening off the street and into my table.

I guess you could blame this on Vegas. I mean, this is the city famous for "making" people do all sorts of inadvisable things, like marrying strangers while drunk, handing over their entire retirement savings to a casino, getting mysterious tattoos you don't recall choosing the next morning ... I could go on. But the vast majority of people who travel to (and live in) Vegas manage to keep their shit together with a minimum of damage. Just because you're in Sin City doesn't mean you get to go berserk and crash your car into a restaurant. People SHOULD still expect to be able to eat out there injury-free.

Anyway, some of those injuries were severe, so I hope everyone involved recovers soon. And I hope they throw the book at the asshat cokehead (just a hunch) who did this. Meanwhile, as scary as this story is, I think I'll still keep eating out on dining patios, even in Vegas.

When you eat out at an outdoor restaurant, does it ever occur to you that a car could crash into the dining patio?


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nonmember avatar Anna

A "lexis"? Really?

nonmember avatar Cass

A LEXIS? Really? Don't report on details that you can't spell.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

"There were two men inside the car, a Lexis". Oy. Clearly the bloggers on this site don't care enough to edit, so theStir should at least hire an editorial intern or something. This is getting annoying.

lalab... lalaboosh


And no, this does not make me fear eating outside. That's like not driving at all for fear of an accident, only less reasonable.

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