Car Crash Into Vegas Restaurant Might Scare You Away From Eating Outside

vegasWell this is the last thing you expect to happen when you eat out. A car crashed into a Las Vegas restaurant during lunchtime yesterday. Did I say crash? It plowed through the dining patio. Ten people were injured, including a boy who had to be pulled out from under the car.

There were two men inside the car, a Lexus. According to witnesses, they sat in the car for a moment after smashing into a plate glass window. Then they both tried to make a run for it. Fortunately, bystanders managed to pin them down. The Egg & I manager Sarah Gehringer estimates there were about 150 diners inside and out on the patio at the restaurant at the time of the crash.


The dining patio of Egg & I, located just west of the Strip, is surrounded by one of those short wrought-iron fences. I think we've all eaten at sidewalk restaurants like that dozens of times. I've always felt perfectly safe -- it never enters my mind that at any minute, a car could come careening off the street and into my table.

I guess you could blame this on Vegas. I mean, this is the city famous for "making" people do all sorts of inadvisable things, like marrying strangers while drunk, handing over their entire retirement savings to a casino, getting mysterious tattoos you don't recall choosing the next morning ... I could go on. But the vast majority of people who travel to (and live in) Vegas manage to keep their shit together with a minimum of damage. Just because you're in Sin City doesn't mean you get to go berserk and crash your car into a restaurant. People SHOULD still expect to be able to eat out there injury-free.

Anyway, some of those injuries were severe, so I hope everyone involved recovers soon. And I hope they throw the book at the asshat cokehead (just a hunch) who did this. Meanwhile, as scary as this story is, I think I'll still keep eating out on dining patios, even in Vegas.

When you eat out at an outdoor restaurant, does it ever occur to you that a car could crash into the dining patio?


Image via edans/Flickr

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