Waiters Who Change Their Tip Are Your Worst Restaurant Nightmare Come True

waiter at restaurantGrabbing fast food at a drive-through or fast casual spot like Chipotle is so popular because it's just so easy. And cheap! No tip required. But when we choose to eat out at a sit-down restaurant, we're making something of an investment. Usually -- in great part because of the added tip -- it's rarely cheap. But we usually spend extra to be served, to not have to worry about cleaning up, to just kick back and enjoy great food and hopefully great service. And if the service really is great, or even if it's just decent, we usually leave a generous tip.

But what happens when a rogue waiter takes advantage of that generosity and, on a credit/debit card receipt, actually adds more to the tip than you originally left? What are you supposed to do then?! It's a conundrum you'll hope you never have to face, but unfortunately, it has happened before! 


One CafeMom member recently mentioned how she left a $7 tip, and the bill's total should have been $53.43. But when she checked her bank account, she was charged $63.43. Clearly, the waiter had added a "1" in front of the $7. Ugh. Thankfully, after speaking to the manager, she was refunded the $10 that was stolen by the server.

Goes to show it doesn't hurt to speak up in a situation like this. Sure, it could have been a misunderstanding. It's possible a server may misread someone's handwriting (though you would hope they wouldn't be that off or mistakenly see an extra number that wasn't there!). But then again, it could be a case in which the server felt they deserved more and decided to ensure that they did and hoped the patron wouldn't notice on their card statement ... Sketchy!

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Given all of those possible scenarios, I would hope a restaurant alerted to an incident like this would always be disciplined in some way ... perhaps put on probation of some sort? If it was a one-time incident, maybe it really was a misunderstanding. But a second time would have to warrant a firing. After all, who would want to dine out at a spot with a rep for servers who steal their tips?

Have you ever had this happen to you -- or do you worry that it might?


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