Couple Didn't Bring Enough Money for Restaurant Meal but Had Ingenious Backup Plan

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dennys customerHere's a pro-tip: don't go to a restaurant unless you have money to pay for your meal, or, conversely, a solid backup plan. A Florida couple, Lisa Marie Antonucci, 41, and Leonard Patrick Baker, 43, "of no fixed address," went into a Denny's and ordered food totalling $34.08. Problem is, they only had $8. When the manager approached the couple and was all, Hey, you gotta pay, that's when shit got real.

Lisa and Leonard started making a ruckus in the place, yelling, screaming, whatnot, and actually threatening other diners and staff, before, that is, they ultimately decided to ask the other patrons to pay for the meal they couldn't afford.

I guess we could call that their backup plan, but wouldn't you know, it didn't work.

The cops were called and Lisa and Leonard were arrested.

Now there's a backup plan! Sure, a trip to the slammer isn't an ideal way to spend your night, but it does get you out of paying your bill (at least temporarily) and it may even include some snacks, gratis.

I've never been to jail but I hear they have bread and stuff there that you can eat. Maybe Lisa and Leo aren't as silly as they may seem. Maybe they were all, Hey, let's go to Denny's and try to get everyone else to pay for us, and when that doesn't work, we'll just get arrested and eat free bread! Plus, when Lisa was booked, the police found two pieces of Denny's utensils in her front pocket. Girl came prepared. Problems solved.

Have you ever dined and dashed?


Photo via Palm Beach Sheriff

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.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

I guess if your poor and homeless what did they have to lose? The got a free hot meal'(s) and a "room" for the night... or however long they stay in jail. All on tax payers money. But I would rather read stories like these than those where people kill or do other horrible crimes out of desperation. 

If I was homeless, which I hope to God my family and I never end up in that situation, but if for some reason I was I would probably do the same thing... except knowing I was going to be arrested id at least shoot for the Outback and get a good steak, not Denny's :) 

tuffy... tuffymama

Is that a hickey on her neck in that mugshot? Ugh. I'm sure that when she was a little girl, she didn't think this is where she would end up.

danid... danidynamo

I work at a jail and let me tell you... the inmates are fed better than most people i know. three nice full hot meals a day, no responsibilities... for some that may seem like heaven. not for me of course. i enjoy things like freedom. and not having to pee in front of others.

Coles... Coles_mom

Dined and sort of dashed once. A few girlfriends and I went out on an hour lunch break in a busy neighborhood and out food took like 50 minutes (this place advertised their fast lunch specials) and we still had to walk back to work! We couldn't get a waitress' attention for ANYTHING! After trying for a while and late for work, we just walked out. We worked on a surgery crew and would get in big trouble for being late (we snuck in and into uniforms). I don't feel too badly.

coco_... coco_rose

If they had $8 why didnt they go to mcdonalds for the $1 menu

nonmember avatar American Expat

Jails and prisons in Saudi don't feed their inmates. Their families have to bring them food if they want to eat.

bluey... blueyesmjag

This is why the jails are over crowded. You get food, lodging, fitness equipment, recreational time, even a chance to get a degree! Meanwhile, I am struggling to raise two kids on minimum wage and child support, and just found out that my food are getting cut bc I get child support, not to mention that I can't go back to school bc I have to work to have money, I can't work at night bc I don't have somebody to watch the kids. They need to go back to tents an chain gangs, making the criminals work from sun up to sun down. They will not want to go back after that.

Ally Swarrow

@danidynamo: I don't know what kind of jail you're working at but most serve pretty shitty least coming from the people I've talked to.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I have never dined and dashed. I have to much respect for myself.

Mary229 Mary229

I've never dined & dashed.  I couldn't do that.  I remember when I was in high school & I was at a local pizza place with friends after a football game.  I saw our waitress in the corner trying not to cry & asked her what was wrong.  She said a table of 12 had just taken off & none of them paid the bill.  She was likely to lose her job over it.  I paid the bill with my own babysitting money, because I felt bad for her & I couldn't believe someone would do something like that.  It's just not right!

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