Candy-Filled Pinata Cake Recipe That’s Easy to Make With the Kids (PHOTOS)

pinata cakeLooking for a cake that will blow people away? Look no further than this pinata cake. It's a traditional cake that's hollowed out and filled with candy. Brilliant, right?

I saw a picture of one posted at Foodbeast earlier this month and was immediately smitten by the adorable, sugary creativity. So with the help of my 4-year-old daughter, I set out to make one this weekend. The results, while not quite as picture perfect as theirs, were nothing short of sweet. Here's how you can make one too. 


What you need:

2 cake mixes, any flavor (my 4-year-old wanted pink, so it was strawberry for us), and the ingredients to make them

1 can of frosting, any flavor (we used vanilla)

Candy to fill (though I've seen all sorts of mixes included, we stuck to mini M&Ms)

How to:

Start by baking the cakes in a deep round pan or bowl. Then cool completely.

Hollow out the center by cutting a hole in the middle that leaves a 2- to 3-inch parameter of cake on the sides and the bottom. Carefully scoop out the center (which I saved to make cake balls).


Next, frost the sides and perimeter of both scooped-out cakes.

Fill one with candy of your choice.


Place the other half on top to make one big cake and frost.


We added more candy on top, for color, but you can decorate as you wish.

That's it. Then when you cut into it, the candy pours forth.


My kids loved it.

It's not something I'd make every day (sugar overload!), but I think it's fun for a birthday or special occasion. I'd also like to try some different combinations of cakes and candies.

As you can see, mine caved in a little bit in the middle, which is probably because I didn't leave enough of a cake border on the bottom of the top cake. So next time I'd do that different, but I can tell you that no one at my house was complaining once it was served.

Have you ever had a pinata cake?


Images via Julie Ryan Evans

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