sausage double beef burgerRarely do I look at a picture of a hamburger and want to make sweet, sweet love to it, but McDonald's China? You've done the impossible. Introducing the Sausage Double Beef Burger. It's a burger, nay, two burger patties, topped with a sausage, nay, two sausages, finished elegantly with a squirting of mustard.

It's everything I'd want in a burger, stacks and stacks of meat, but I only have one complaint. Well, it's more of a question, really.

With all those only-before-10-a.m. sausage patties lying around, taunting us with their elusive time restraints, why not throw two of those on top of the burger? Not only would the proportions make a bit more sense, but it'd give all of us the opportunity to have a taste of those deliciously syrupy breakfast sausages that we never seem to be awake for.

Regardless, I like where McDonald's China's head is at. What else can we stack on a burger? I would love to try a cheeseburger topped with a fish filet, or a handful of chicken nuggets, or even a dollop or two of a chocolate milkshake sounds good.

Fact is, folks, China's not only kicking our ass socially, politically, and economically, but now they're beating us at our own game: gluttony. They've gilded the Golden Arches, our nation's pride and joy.

It's our move, America. Our move.

Intrigued or repulsed by the Sausage Double Down Beef Burger?


Photo via McDonald's China